Want To Avoid Losing Up To A Third Of Your Potential Customers?

Want To Avoid Losing Up To A Third Of Your Potential Customers?
July 29, 2013 admin001

On June 11, 2013, Google announced changes to its rankings of smartphone search results.  This mobile search algorithm change is designed to demote web pages in the organic search results that are not linked to a mobile-friendly website.  According to Google’s Webmaster Central Blog, they are doing this because: “Smartphone users are a significant and fast growing segment of Internet users, and at Google we want them to experience the full richness of the web.”

The other reasons they are doing this is because Google prides itself on providing accurate information in a timely and flawless manner, and if a website that Google linked someone to through their organic search results does not provide a great mobile experience, it understandably makes Google look bad.

So, if you aren’t providing a mobile-optimized version of each page, your site will start ranking lower and may even be removed from Google’s  search results on smartphones.

Think that’s not a big deal?  Think again.  Incapsula, a provider of cloud-based security for web sites,  did a study that looked at all internet search traffic as a whole and found that  51% of all internet traffic is from non-human traffic (search engine and other good-bot traffic, hacking tools, content spammers, scrapers and spies of sorts), and 49% is from real people.

According to YP.com (YellowPages), 30 percent of its overall query volume and lookups now come from mobile devices, but that number can actually be higher if you take all the non-human internet traffic out of the equation.

Anything less than a flawless mobile experience is now considered bad, and Google will be demoting and possibly removing your pages from their search results.

Want to know if your website is subject to the new algorithm?  Here’s a few ways to trigger the new penalties:

1. You have a mobile site, but when a searcher clicks on a search result for an internal page (for example, a specific posting or landing page) but gets redirected to the “Home” page of your mobile site, all results but your Home page will be demoted.

2. You  do not have mobile-optimized webpages:  For example, someone goes to your website or promotion posting pages on a mobile device, and they are directed to a regular desktop version of the page that is so small they can barely read it, and have pinch and zoom on various parts of the site to read it and navigate through it.

3. You have Flash video or any other content that has difficulty displaying on smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices.  Google will demote all pages with that type of content because it is a bad experience for smartphone users.

For businesses that have gone without a mobilized version of their website, the implications are real.

  • Non-mobilized websites will have lower rankings  or no rankings on search engine pages
  • It will be much more difficult for valuable smartphone users to find non-mobilized sites
  • A huge amount of revenue will be lost because searchers will find competitors’ mobile sites.

Luckily, for a fraction of what it probably cost to build your current website, you can avoid these pitfalls by mobilizing your site with iMobilizeBiz.com.  To start mobilizing your website, fill out the form to the right, or give us a call at 866-330-6278.


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