The Centre Spa & Wellness

Project Description

What can we say? the Centre Spa and Wellness in Calgary, Alberta is one of our most loyal clients.  Back in 2013 when we were a brand spanking new company, they gave us chance to wow them, and wow them we did.  We created a mobile website that not only made it easier for smartphone users to interact with the Centre and Wellness, it retained 33% more smartphone users and lead to an increase of over 27% more business.

Fast forward to 2015: The Centre’s needs changed a bit, and they wanted us to create a site that they could not only edit easily, but one that provided a great user experience for desktop, tablet, and smartphone users, alike.  After a couple of consultation calls, we had our marching orders.  Weeks later, they had a powerful content management system, tracking analytics, and an awesome website to boot.  Did we hit the nail on the head?  They’re still our client so, we think so!

Project Images