We pride ourselves at being expert communicators no matter the medium.  We believe in keeping things simple, clean, and to the point so that your message is easy to understand by any audience.  Because, as the saying goes, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”


In the United States, the “total addressable market” for smartphones is about 225 million people and 125 million people (55%) in the U.S. use a smartphone.  Because consumers are so reliant on their smartphones and use them just about anywhere to access the internet – even the bathroom,  it is imperative that small to medium sized businesses invest in a mobile website.  Being without a mobile website today is like a business being without a desktop website 10 years ago.   The bottom line is mobile websites help get businesses get more customers.


Mobile Apps (short for applications) are different from mobile websites in that they are a self contained piece of software designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer.  While they are used on a smartphone, a user does not need to access their web browser to use the app like they do in order to view a mobile website.  One thing to note about mobile apps is that they are great tools for helping existing customers interact with businesses and vice versa.  However they are not as effective as mobile websites in bringing in new customers.


We can build a new website from the ground up that will not only look great on your desktop computer,but it will automatically contort to the device that accesses it. So instead of designing multiple sites for different-sized devices, we have the ability to build one site that will look great on anything from a smartphone all the way up to a 52″ HDTV screen.


What if you had the ability to serve ads for your business only to local people on their smartphones when they were within a certain area around your business?  It’s possible.  Give us a call, and we’ll explain all the details.


Google makes 95% of it’s revenue from advertisers paying to show up in the search listings.  Advertising in the paid search area of search engines can be extremely effective if done correctly, but it can cause huge headaches if done by inexperienced or unscrupulous people.  Make sure you have someone who is well versed at Search Engine Marketing work on your campaign just like you would have an experienced technician work on your car.


Facebook, Twitter, Google+,Linkedin, Instagram?  That’s a lot for one person to keep track of and manage.  At iMobilizeBiz.com, we got you covered with our social media exposure packages.  Let us make sure that your messages, and posts, are communicated in a timely and effective manner.


When creating a logo, why only get just one rendition of a potential logo?  Get access to a half a dozen or so ideas from different artists.  That way you can make sure your logo is everything you want, and then some!