Project Description

Evan from Naviron called us after he saw and heard some good things about our work.  We’re glad he did because it gave us the opportunity to make a really cool recruiting website.  The previous website had some captivating graphics, and was cutting edge for when it was made, but Evan employed our help so that we could make it easier for job hunters to find out about the best opportunities conveniently and discretely from their smartphones.

We created a great mobile-first web layout, and then worked our way back to the tablet view, and then desktop view.  If you visit the site, you’ll see that it works seamlessly on all types of devices. Need to search for a job at home on your computer on the weekend?  Piece of cake.  Rather use your tablet instead?  It’s a walk in the park.  Want to search for a new opportunity while you use the restroom at work?  We wouldn’t blame you, but we don’t condone that practice either!

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